1. In writing an ad for one of my custom guitars last week, which happens to be modelled on the absolutely genius Guild S300, I wrote of the body shape that “If you don’t love it, we probably can’t be friends.” I am only half-kidding, honestly. I wanted to take some time to talk about my love for this guitar, as well as where that love came from. There are a fair few links below - hope you lot don’t mind.

    I first saw one of these wonderful guitars being played by Katy Davidson, formerly of the band Dear Nora and presently of both Key Losers and The Gossip. Dear Nora toured Australia a couple of times, and I remember being totally enamoured of her weirdo instrument - you can see her playing it in the second photo above.

    Fast-track to 2011, when I was ordering my Electrical Guitar Company custom baritone, and the S300 seemed the logical shape to go with. Though i’m selling the guitar due to lack of use, that’s more to do with my not needing a 30” scale baritone any more, rather than the body style - as soon as I sell it, i’d say i’ll be out searching for an original S300 instead!

    Unfortunately, Kim Thayil of the recently reunited Soundgarden has taken to using one (check out his guitars in the bottom left photo above, courtesy of a recent Premier Guitar article - note the other vintage Guild too!), meaning this cult guitar has been dragged back into the spotlight - and quite possibly out of my hands for the time being. Tough life, I know.

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